Monday, September 3, 2012

Picnic in a New Way

          When was the last time you enjoyed a good picnic. Whether it be in a family setting or a nice romantic lunch/dinner with the love of your life, when it comes to setting up picnics it could be a little tidous. From keeping the food warm or cold to packing all the right dishes and and making sure you have a nice beverage, packing all these things could lead to a few bags unless you have the new Deluxe Picnic Trolley. With this sensational bag, you can now take care of all three.

Deluxe Picnic Trolley

          Not only is there the convienience rolling the bag like a piece of carry on luggage, this newly designed bag comes is a full kitchen set for four.  Thats right, this set includes: four 9" plates, four spoons, four knives, four forks, four wine glasses, four napkins, cheese cutter, bottle opener, cork screw, mini knife, cutting board, salt and pepper shakers.  All you have to do is wash and reload and the picnic starts all over again.

          Not only does this backpack come with a complete dining set,  there are two insulated center pockets to keep your favorite hot or cold goodies ready for enjoyment.

Weight 8.6 lbs. Plastic, stainless steel, wood, cotton, and polyester. Hand wash only. 16 1/2" x 12 3/4" x 24" high; handle extends to 38 3/4" high; top insulated space: 12" x 7 1/2" x 5 1/4" high; large insulated space: 13" x 8" x 13" high.


          There are also a bag for lower end pricing.  Set to hit the market in November, the Picnic backpack is designed for the comfort of putting the picnic on your back. 

Picnic Backpack

Bag: 15" x 6 1/2" x 17" high.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Sunrise Candles

People are always searching for candles that can fulfill a desired smell. Not you can find candles in almost whatever flavor you desire. TCSE Global present a numerous amount of candle smells for your choosing to include some of our popular fragrances below. Visit for an extensive collection of smells.


This birthday cake candle gives you the smell of a birthday party minus the kids, gifts and messes to clean up. It simply bears the mouth-watering fragrance of fresh-baked frosted cake, taking you back in time to the magical birthday celebrations of your childhood. Brings back the very best of life’s memories!


Key Lime Pie sure would be great but if you don't want to endure the calories cause its not fit for you diet, why not just enjoy the smell. Luscious lime pie fragrance lifts your spirits in an instant! Highly fragranced candle is a fat-free way to savor the delicious aroma of this classic favorite dessert.


Everyone loves the scrumptious smell of toll-house cookies fresh from the oven! Instantly add this delightful scent to any room with our exclusive lidded candle